For Job Seekers

Notification of new vacancies

You create a profile with the types of work that you are ready to do and receive a list of vacancies that match your request. When new vacancies appear, you are notified.

E-mailing resume by category

You can make an automatic mailing to all potential employers offering a job that interests you.

On the app map

You can see what kind of work is required in your area at this moment.

Search for an employer by an advanced filter.

Using the advanced filter (rating, location, keywords ("driver's license" for example), high pay, secure deal, only companies) you can shorten your search time and make it more targeted.

Assigning statuses (beginner, advanced, pro)

This feature will help the employer understand how experienced you are, how many good reviews you have, and how many employers were satisfied with your work.

Print/share your resume, experience.

We store all your acquired experience with reviews. With these reviews you can:
  • share with potential employers;
  • use when entering a college;
  • use in the formation of this resume;
  • use as a guide;

Invisibility function (optional on/off)

Your Profile will not be published in the general list. This option allows you to search for vacancies and send employers your offer. Your profile will only be visible to those employers, whose ad you have responded to.

Uploading video file

The ability to shoot and upload a video that will tell, what you can do. The result of the work you've done earlier: playing the guitar, website, hairstyle.

Disabling context advertising.

Disabling contextual advertising will help not to be distracted by unnecessary offers.