For Private HirinG

Notice of new seekers

-This option allows you to create a vacancy with the required parameters. After that, you will receive a notification about all new applicants matching the specified parameters.

Distribution ads by category.

By creating a vacancy, you can make an automatic mailing to all suitable seekers.

Search for seekers by an advanced filter

Using the advanced filter (rating, location, work experience, keywords (driver's license for example), minimum age, etc.)) you can reduce the search time and make it more targeted.

Special Map

A map with symbols will allow you to see the job seeker in your area.

Assigning statuses (beginner, advanced, pro)

The number of successfully completed transactions is reflected in the assigned status. This option allows you to increase the trust between the employer and the job seeker.

Safe Deal

A convenient and fast way of non-cash payment through the application bank

Raising the ad to the top.

This feature allows the maximum number of applicants to see your ad.

Disabling context advertising.

Disabling contextual advertising will help not to be distracted by unnecessary offers.

Invisibility function (optional on/off)

Your Profile and vacancy will not be published in the general list. This option allows you to search for employees and send them offers. Your profile will only be visible to those job seekers you have invited to work.

Upload a video file

The ability to shoot and upload a video, that will show the scope of work or its features, or the desired final result.

Upload a profile video (optional)

This short video about the company or about yourself is a good chance to introduce yourself to build trust.

Hot work

Urgent work! If you need help/employee in the next 24 hours. These ads are marked with an icon and are at the top of the list for 24 hours, or until the job seeker accepts the offer.